Church Life Resources exists as the resource arm of Equipping Nationals Worldwide. The mission of CLR is to equip Christians around the world with resources for Gospel ministry and discipleship.

Church Life Resources is a publishing company that provides tools for a believer's growth and change into his/her predestinated goal of conformity to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:28-29). These tools include books on Pastoral and Church issues, Bible Study helps and Study Guides to the works of one of today's most profound and prolific authors, Dr. Jay E. Adams. These tools have been used with much profit in training Pastors and local church leaders, Sunday School class settings, college classrooms and personal and family counseling.  Both teacher and student editions are available for the entire "Jay Adams Study Guide Series."

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William Miller Hill

William "Bill" Hill is a native of North Carolina and was blessed to grow up in a Christian Family. He did his undergraduate studies at Bob Jones University and went on to earn two master degrees - one from Northland Baptist Bible College and the other from Trinity Theological Seminary. He has been NANC certified since 1991. He met Chris Williams (the daughter of a Navy Chaplain) during his early years of college and they were married in December of 1974. God has given them three children (Joshua, Caleb and Kara) and five grand-children.


Bill was ordained in 1976 and has served as an Assistant Pastor in two churches (7 years), traveled in full-time evangelism (4 years) and served as a Senior Pastor for 18 years.  In 2005 he resigned his church and, through Faithway Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C. under the Pastoral leadership of James R. Bledsoe, began a training ministry for national Pastors - Equipping Nationals Worldwide.  Bill and Chris live in Greensboro and he can be contacted below.  To learn more about Equipping Nationals Worldwide go to

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